17 Utterly inspiring Easter treats

From hand-painted eggs to glittering carrots, here are 17 of the most beautiful Easter-themed creations to inspire you this long weekend. (And yes, coffee-makers, we’re throwing down the gauntlet with number 17!)

This beautifully painted easter egg

And these pretty pansies

This literary themed masterpiece

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These works of art

This fantastically creative way to disappoint your kids on Easter morning

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This on-trend egg

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Although not all eggs look edible – like these ones coated in nail polish

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And these glittery carrots

And these little eggs nestling in coconut macaroon nests

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These angelic eggs

And these more evil looking ones

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These candy-vomiting eggs:

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This ridiculous stuffed Easter egg, designed to be EATEN WITH A SPOON.

This marshmallow and hundreds-and-thousands masterpiece.

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These ridiculously tiny basket of eggies

This pretty latte art, from Cape Town café The General Store

These espressos served INSIDE EASTER EGGS

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