35 utterly breathtaking wedding cakes

Whether you’re planning the perfect wedding – or the impending nuptials of two of your favourite cats – these glorious cakes created by some particularly clever bakers will give you all the inspiration you need.

1. Sure, roses are traditional, but that doesn’t mean you have to be old-fashioned.


2. Don’t feel you have to stick to roses, though…

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3. You could keep things local with a protea-themed cake.


4. Or take the floral theme to the next level like the guys from ChoccyWoccyCake Shop.

5. Keep things trendy with a naked cake.

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6. Or try out the lace trend.

7. Or the hand-painted trend.

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8. Or how about a chalkboard theme?

9. Don’t like cake? Follow the French tradition, and order a croquembouche tower.


10. Or perhaps a magnificent ombre doughnut tower.

11. Not convinced? We give you the waffle wedding cake.


12. And the macaron tower.

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13. Or keep the budget low and pile those Oreos high.


14. If height is not a big deal, consider cupcakes, like these incredibly detailed beauties.

15. Or shrink the scale even smaller, and serve cake pops.


16. When it comes to flavour, don’t feel compelled to stick to fruit cake. You could indulge your love of chocolate.

17. Or red velvet.


18. Or salted caramel.

19. Or caramel popcorn, pretzels, scorched meringue and chocolate…

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20. Show off your love of sun, sea and sand.

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21. Or ice cream.

22. Maybe you’re a geology nerd.

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 23. Or a cheese addict.

24. Maybe you’re a fashionista.

25. Or still passionately love lego.


26. You could customise your cake with the sea creature of your choice.

27. When it comes to colours, you could attempt to capture your colour scheme in an ombre cake.


28. Or keep things in muted shades of pastel.


29. Or go unashamedly gothic.

30. You could go for gold.

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31. You could celebrate with all the hues of the rainbow.

A photo posted by Jen (@bakedowncakery) on

32. Or you could take inspiration for your palette from the hide of actual unicorns.


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33. Remember, there’s always the option to go all-out with a floating wedding cake with swans.

34. Just keep in mind the real reason you’re here…


35. To celebrate your mutual love of cake!

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