5 reasons we love the French

The French have a lot going for them: they sip on wine with every meal, butter-lathered baguettes are considered a food group, and desserts almost always involve cheese. They also gave us champagne and happen to have a World Cup-winning football team. Those facts aside, here’s why we especially love them.

1. It’s so much more fun to use their food words than ours. Say it with us: Crème brûlée. Soufflé. Velouté. Café au lait.

2. Restaurants just sound fancier in a French accent: La Patisserie. La Madeleine. La Mouette. La Colombe. La Tête.

3. Speaking of accents  have you heard The Restaurant at Waterkloof‘s chef Gregory Czarnecki speak?

4. In French cooking you can pan-fry your butter with butter and serve it with a side of butter.

5. A chocolate-filled pastry is considered breakfast. We like how you roll, France! (See what we did there?)

The pain au chocolat from Loaves on Long. Photo supplied.

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