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If you’re reading this, then you will have noticed that we’ve relaunched our website. It’s got a new look and a new attitude – and a few new tricks up its sleeve, too.

The best way to discover the new site is to play around. You’ll find a new search function, a handy list of the Eat Out 500, the best restaurants in SA, our “Best of” guides all grouped together, wonderful competitions and much more. When you search for a restaurant, you can also see other eateries that are nearby or similar, and when you read an article, we now suggest others with related themes that you might also enjoy.

You’ll also discover a bit less, because we have cleaned things up a bit. In particular, the design is now in line with the 2014 Eat Out magazine. (Buy one immediately if you haven’t yet! It’s not a printed version of the website; it’s a lovely sit-back-with-a-coffee-and-be-inspired kind of read). For the first time ever, our site is also responsive, which means that the design adjusts to the device you’re using. Nifty, right?

But, as with all new sites, there are some issues – glitches, errors, bugs, broken links, call it what you like – and we hope you bear with us while we sort it out. If you spot anything that we haven’t, or want to give us some feedback (good or bad, we want it all), please send it to We would love to hear from you.

Happy browsing!

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