This funny parody takes the mickey out of microbreweries

The folk at Above Average excel at taking things to their extreme end, and in their latest video, the overly sincere microbrewer is their deserving target. If you tire of hearing about the origin of the hops or the excruciatingly small scale at which your local brewer makes his beers, you’re sure to enjoy this spoof.

Pint-sized is not a microbrewery but a nanobrewery. Products – served in itty-bitty little pint mugs, or pipettes, include a pinecone pilsner, a bourbon-coffee-Belgian-chocolate-oatmeal stout and the brewer’s choice (which apparently “is just a beer which tastes bad” but is the brewer’s favourite.)

We do have several questions: Where can we get those itty-bitty pint mugs and the miniature pizzas? Also, can we get an entire miniature brewery as a desk toy?


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