Going gluten-free? These veggie-based noodles are your saviour.

New to living gluten-free? Restore stir-fry night to its place in the sun and get an added vegetable boost with gluten-, wheat- and egg-free cauliflower and spinach-and-cauliflower noodles. They’ve got the chewy bite you love without the side-effects of gluten. Plus, they’re good for carb-conscious folks, too. Simply heat the pre-cooked noodles, then top with your favourite ready-made stir-fry veggie mix (whether it’s brown mushroom with cabbage, spinach and red onion; a julienne mix of butternut, carrot and peppers; or pineapple and red pepper with spinach, cabbage and red onion is entirely up to you), tossed in a classic sweet-and-sour or Thai coconut sauce.


A quick and tasty stir-fry is three steps away with Woolies’ fabulously fuss-free ready-made, gluten-free noodles, veggie mixes and stir-fry sauces.


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