Partner content: What to bake with ClemenGold this winter

Winter can be a little dreary. That’s why we all naturally crave dishes with rich warming flavours and heady spices. Think soups, stews and curries. And, of course, citrus to fend off nasty wintery colds and flus. Simply peeling a vibrant orange ClemenGold mandarin and biting into the sweet and juicy fruit injects a ray of sunshine into any day.

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A ClemenGold is nature’s very own version of the ideal on-the-go-snack for the lunchbox (easy to peel and virtually seedless), or to be enjoyed while hiking or grinding away at your desk (no fuss, no mess). You can also get creative when it comes to cooking and baking with these aromatic orbs. Bake up this ClemenGold cake made with a Campari liqueur syrup.

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Plus, see even more great recipes here.

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