Partner content: Chalmar Beef launches lamb offering

CB_LambThe name may be synonymous with top-quality beef, but Chalmar Beef has recently launched its venture into the lamb production arena.

The project is now in its development phase, and lamb production will be scaled up over the next three years to complement the company’s beef offering. A state-of-the-art lamb-breeding facility and feedlot will be set up, and lamb will be slaughtered at the Chalmar Beef abattoir.

lamb-632pxDespite the impact of the recent drought, the company says it will stay true to its philosophy and commitment to producing top-quality products.

Lamb is now available to order in-store or online as ‘lamb-in-a-box’, which includes a leg of lamb, whole lamb rib, loin chops and shoulder chops, as well as lamb shank and stewing lamb.

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