Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream launches food truck (plus DIY-ice cream)

Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream (PHIC) is one of the prides of Joburg’s food scene. It’s so good that it’s named on the menu at Jamie’s Italian restaurant.

The stylish new tuk tuk. Photo supplied.

Made with real ingredients, without additives and emollients it comes in a never-ending supply of evocative and equally real flavours: birthday cake contains cake, roasted banana contains bananas that have been roasted.

But this summer, the brand has dreamt up even more ways to enjoy their ice creams.

First up: they’ve launched a classy new ice cream tuktuk, with a whole variety of flavours on board, to enjoy scooped out of the icy display trays. Find them at First Thursday, where they’ll be serving white-chocolate-with-Nutella-and-Oreo to cool the distances between galleries, plus seven other astonishing choices. They’ll also be available for events.

The PHIC outlet at The Zone in Rosebank has just been redecorated and furnished as an art and ice cream revolution.

We can’t wait to get our paws on some of these! Photo supplied.

On offer here: the chance to design and build your very own PHIC ice cream lolly. Start with a luscious core, let’s say of vanilla or birthday cake ice cream. Then, dip it into a choice of sauces, and cover it with hundreds-and-thousands, popcorn, caramel bars, chocolate bark, fruit gummies, speckled eggs or one of the other toppings. You can also buy a specially wrapped stash to take home.

Finally, don’t miss the new ‘back-to-cool’ flavour: Peanut-butter-and-jam-toast.

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