Pop-up restaurant in Joburg CBD: Maboneng Foodhall

While some might argue that the Maboneng Foodhall is not a restaurant, we say pop-up restaurants deserve their place in the sun. The Maboneng Precinct is known for showcasing the best Johannesburg has to offer, and Foodhall is no exception. Hosted on the last Thursday of every month by food lover Jono Hall and the POPArt Theatre, Foodhall is an experience every Johannesburger should have at least once. Past themes have included a toga party, cowboys, Oktoberfest, murder mystery, Mexican and summer picnic. While there’s no set menu, chef Hall’s three-course themed dinners can accommodate vegetarians and meat lovers alike. Using high quality, fresh ingredients, the meals are prepared in the presence of guests and you are encouraged to approach and engage with the cook. It’s a scrumptious and delicious affair.

Maboneng Foodhall in Johannesburg

Maboneng Foodhall in Johannesburg

Attendees can bring their own wine (for a very reasonable corkage fee of R20) or order drinks from the cash bar. The evening’s theme is revealed before the event, which makes pairing easy enough.

25 guests are served by the three POPArt owners and the chef, which gives the experience a very personal and relaxed feel.

Sharing a delicious three course meal with about 20 strangers, all seated along a long table groaning under the weight of many dishes, drinks and props in a theatre-turned-restaurant for a night, is nothing if not delightful. The music is exceptional and candlelight casts a warm glow over the entire affair. The Maboneng Foodhall is an enchanting dining experience.

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