Why visiting this new Pretoria bagel spot should be on your to-do list

When the genius behind Ginger and Fig starts a bagel shop, you sit up and pay attention because you know it’s going to be good. Zane Figueiredo has done it again. Fig and Co Bagels is set in a small, well-designed spot in the east of Pretoria right next to the restaurateur’s other masterpiece, El Pistolero.

As is always the case with his establishments, the menu is small and to-the-point, with a focus on everything made in-house. Zane makes these bagels by hand – and the result is so good we dare you to stop at one. They are chewy and intensely flavoursome and come topped with pretty much anything you want. From an everything bagel topped with a generous smear of cream cheese to a pork belly and Japanese slaw version or one with whipped feta cream cheese, smoked trout and burnt cucumber. Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore!

Stop by for a take-away bagel (and don’t forget a few plain ones for toasting up at home) and an excellent Double Shot coffee. You won’t be sorry!

Fig and Co bagels are priced R30–R65. Unfilled bagels can also be bought to take home in plain, poppy, sesame and everything flavours.

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