Puff, puff, pour: Cannabis cocktails are now a thing

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Gracias Madre, a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles, is serving up a trio of classic cocktails with a new ingredient: cannabinoid oil. Known as CBD, cannabinoid oil is an extract from the cannabis plant that doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects.


Though they may not get you high, the cocktails do reportedly create a pleasant “warm, tingly sensation” that have enthusiasts going back, not to mention the hashtag-worthiness of their quirky, punny names.

There’s the Rolled Fashioned, a twist on an Old Fashioned, that’s made with mezcal, bourbon, sarsaparilla syrup and aromatic bitters, and comes with a churro attached to the glass (presumably for the munchies).


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Then there’s the Stoney Negroni, which has its trademark orange-peel garnish stamped with the words “Puff puff pass”.


Possibly the most Instragrammable of the lot is the Sour T-iesel, which is topped with matcha powder in the shape of a marijuana leaf.


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After the developments in our courts over the past week, we wonder if Western Cape residents will soon start shaking up their own concoctions…

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