Baha Taco Restaurant

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

Reviewed by Karien Steyn

I love the look of the place and the food was good, however, after working there I an say with absolute disappointment that I will never go back there. What happens behind the scenes with the staff payment is absolutely disgusting! The owners love to talk about uplifting their staff and being fair, however, most of the staff there do not even know what they are being paid and some have not even been paid. They brag about how well they are doing financially and how they do not even know what to do with all their money, and then they pay their staff min wage!! I personally inquired about pay on more than one occasion as I needed to know whether or not it was worth me commuting from Cresta to Norwood, or not. Dave and Kat were unable to give me a min salary and kept on telling me that I would have to work for an undisclosed amount of time to prove my monetary value to them. This raised red flags... I approached them and gave notice to leave as i was unhappy with the fact that there was no way for me to know if I was going to lose money or make enough to cover my financial responsibilities. Only then did they tell me that I would be paid R900 per week plus tips (which are shared between all staff and does not equate to your quality of service delivery). If they had told me this from the start I would never have worked there as I spent R500 in a week on fuel there and back. I requested them to pay me in order to fill up my car (I offered to help them out for two more weekends and needed fuel to get there) and I received a mere R400 (incl tips). I will never be going back there and I can guarantee you right now that they will not pay me for the second week I worked there!
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