Big Dog Café

Monday, July 17th, 2017

Reviewed by Herman du Plessis

Wow! What an awesome place! Entering the front door, after passing the coffee roaster doing its thing, you are faced with the first challenge - where to sit today? (Yes, this place will have you coming back day after day). Every nook has a different feel to it - Contemporary bar stools at the counter, tables outside under the willow, a private nook with a garden view or on a leather sofa in a lounge arrangement. Next is the menu; from exotic late's and cold brew's to Michael's signature Terbodore coffees. Tania and Amy is cooking up a storm with fresh produce and local flavours; creating dishes that is a feast for the eye, an adventure for the taste buds and yes, light on the pocket. From modern architecture and contemporary decor to great food and friendly staff; everything is designed to create a comfortable and vibrant space where you can enjoy good coffee and beautiful food.
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