Capri Kitchen & Bar

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Reviewed by Ashley Haywood

My girlfriend and I booked a table to meet few friends last night and must say we were surprised to find a so well balanced cocktail bar in terms of drinks/service. Most of the places I visited in Central JHB provide a colder service/attitude from the staff often in a rush! Here we had great service by a friendly hostess over the phone, the waiter in a friedly manner explained the specials and drinks on offer and continued checking on us during the evening. Cocktails are very good, the Tipo Tinto on tap is just a game changer! Always perfectly made, price are what you expect in the area. With entertainment on stage as the icing the only tthing we can say is that you guys need a mic otherwise a really dope lineup! We will book again and if they keep those standards it will definitely become our "usual spot"
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