Capri Kitchen & Bar

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

Reviewed by Leigh Irwin

Went there for the first time. Worst experience ever! A) the manager eves drops on your conversation, with no excuse me or prior warnings jumps into yr conversation gets the order intentionally wrong when you question your bill he says to me “I made a mistake my bad I thought you ordered a r&r-.” The drink I ordered was a hill brow honey. The drink was wrong but the bill was right... the order received by the bar must have been right the drink was horribly wrong not to mention tasted like flat spar-berry not to mention I was told it comes in a bottle n I received it in a glass. The only thing the manger cared about was the price he kept repeating the price is the same. We didn’t argue the price we were asking about the wrong drink served to us with no excuse or explanation or even an apology. I will not be back there nor would I recommend it to anyone who enjoys good service and fair treatment and their right to choose what they put in their bodies. If you go here those decisions will be made for you and you shall get nothing but an insincere okay bye now ... Good day.
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