Saturday, March 16th, 2019

Reviewed by P Strydom

If I must choose to have good food in a basic venue, or average food in an upmarket, plush and romantic one, the former, in my book, is by far the best option. A no brainer. Spending too much on decor and venue makes the food too expensive, plain and simple. Then, in order to survive, the owners either cut corners and the food becomes average, or the prices go through the roof. Chefs represent the first option. A basic venue with almost no decor but who cares if the food is as good as what is served at Chefs. Well priced too because the owners are not chasing turnover to pay off the construction debt. A short menu, short wine list, no waiters and the service is quick and spot-on and done by the chefs themselves. Three of us had the saucy, tender sirloin which was great and my wife went for the plant option that was (for a change) interesting and tasteful. The wine list was short but good and complimented the food. We will definitely be back.
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