Grub & Vine

Monday, March 25th, 2019

Reviewed by Aleksander Ruzicka

we have been there and experienced some difficulties as we described in our review from march 23rd. It didn't take hours until Matt Manning personally called me on the mobile and tried to explain the background for this, actually himself trying to prepare for leaving the country to marry his future wife. A venue which is for most people a once in a life experience. We explained to him that there is no need to hide an that all guest would more than welcome any difficulties due to this event as long as they would know about it... In an impressive attitude, open for any input or critics, he appreciated the remarks and we are sure the team will reflect these to further grow in their dialogue with guests. As the food is already outstanding, the venue at a central point, a more interactive involvement of guest will surely make any experience even more positive. we are looking forward to see Matt and his team develop to further successes....good luck A&T
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