Inside & You’re Out (IYO)

Friday, January 12th, 2018

Reviewed by Linda Scarborough

Fun and full-of-flavour food is the order of the day. Starter bites include truffle mac and cheese, chilli poppers and pulled-pork pancakes, but you’re really here for the burgers. Choose yours with juicy beef, chicken, pulled pork or mushroom patties, each stuffed with a variety of cheeses, and served with trimmings like whiskey barbecue dip, hoisin and miso, basil pesto and crème fraîche, or chilli-pineapple salsa. Sides are exemplary curly fires, sweet-potato fries, a side salad or kale chips.

On Friday afternoons they serve deep-fried chicken bites with honey butter for you to slather on. Eating with your fingers is a must.

End on the trademark house cheesecake or cake in a mug.

Buckets of beers and local ciders suit the food perfectly. The jam-jar milkshakes in flavours like mango and coconut, coffee or chocolate-cookie will please the young at heart.

Friendly enough but can be a little distracted when it’s busy, which is often. The food comes quickly, which is great, because your mouth will start watering the moment you enter the room.

The main dining room is now up a few steps into a rustic space with face-brick walls, exposed beams and wooden floors. It feels cosier than the bright, stark room that used to share space with the kitchen. Find a seat at one of the high counters or pick a table for a more leisurely meal.

Look out for the EAZI specials of burgers for only R70 or two burgers and bottomless fries for R120.

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