Lambrusco’s Italian Dining

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Reviewed by Lesley Schalkwyk

My 19 yr old son and his girlfriend booked a table as it was girlfriends birthday, as he did not want to go to a 'food court'' in a mall. Retrospect, I mistakenly booked Lambyscos Fir dr Northcliff, and informed them it was his girlfriends birthday and to book a nice table for 2. They spent R300.00. They were treated disgustingly, watched for the whole hour just because they are young. I might add that when we went there with regular customers, we were treated with the owners presence, wow, sitting down at our table. Well Lambrysco's these 19 year olds are your future customers. DISGUSTING TREATMENT. Oh and food is average but expensive.
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