Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Reviewed by Lindsay September

It’s always good when the menu is concise yet you’re torn on what to order. This is the perfect spot to share with friends. Order the chicken and waffles because it’s Lefty’s and you have to. The portion is generous and the bacon and lightly yeasted waffle perfectly complement the syrup, while the resounding crunch pairs perfectly with the tender chicken. There’s a Texas BBQ section where, again, everything seems worth trying. The smoked pulled pork sandwich is worth returning for, the slightly tangy slaw playing off the ever-so-sweet and perfectly tender pork. It’s hard to imagine you could go wrong with either the Texas brisket sandwich or the sticky pork ribs (though the latter does come with a hefty price tag considering the portion). There’s also a selection of pizzas, many of them either classics or just kept simple.

Dessert is clearly not a priority here so beware if you like soaking up your alcohol with sweets. There are no set options on the menu and it’s said that the doughnut holes coated in cinnamon sugar are delectable, but we don’t get to try them as they’re out of the dough needed. Even if you’ve had the version with chicken, you may be tempted to have another waffle, this time with ice cream. It’s worth it. The crunchy and none-too-sweet waffle pair well with the pleasant vanilla ice cream.

This is probably what you’re here for and they know it. With the two-for-one gin special, gins fly out of the bar consistently, but they also mix up a pretty good Long Island. Make sure to remain flexible – there’s a fair number of beers and wines but they seem to run out of stock quickly (or restock infrequently), so you may find yourself out of the option of a mojito because there’s no mint behind the bar.

Everyone is friendly and playful, like an extension of the stereotypical bartender spilling over into the dining room. There’s a conviviality that makes you think you and your waiter will remain buddies after you leave. There are quite a few mix-ups and mistakes throughout the night but it’s somehow impossible to hold it against them. You’ll leave with a smile.

There’s enough dark red leather and wood to make you think they were going for steam punk but that somewhere along the way they, well, ran out of steam. Everything is entirely understated – some dust might even float down onto you if you’re near a window – hipsters file in continuously, and the interesting playlist may leave your ears ringing afterwards, but it really is all part of the Lefty’s charm.

Best for...
A night out with old friends.


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