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  • Kobus

    Kobus van Zyl

    Moyo was such an experience for me that I took guests there three times in two weeks. On the last visit, when taking our orders the waiter asked whether we would like some vegetables with the meal and…

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  • Tania

    Tania Miglietta

    Sadly our first meal at the much lauded Jardine was a big disappointment. The main let down was our near 1.5hr wait for the main course, as they mistakenly gave our food to the table alongside, who sa…

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  • Gushelah

    Gushelah Shipton

    We had dinner at Yindees in Kloof street last night, the 24 of May and I have to say I do not understand how that place has survived for all these years. We had to take turns to go and look for our wa…

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  • hans

    hans wentzel

    highly dissapointing we knew from comments that they were not tops any more but we thought - give them a try - golly gosh - how bad can you get. as part of the gourmet restaurant week their service w…

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  • Jill Wright

    Jill Wright Wright

    amazing attention to detail, beautiful fresh tasting food and lovely staff

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  • Alisha

    Alisha de Lange

    Very bad service!! Waited very long for breakfast menus. After 15 minutes of no service we walked out. Will never ever visit them again!

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  • Eugene

    Eugene du Plessis

    This is one French styled eatery that over delivers on their meals. Portions are large and the food is generally of very high quality. Menu has staple dishes that would make most happy-good value over…

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  • Janine

    Janine Cathey

    unsatisfactory service at Walnut Grove sandton left us dissatisfied and never to return. After ordering our meal mine came with crisps or a salad. I wanted the crisps, to me chips and crisps are the s…

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  • Rowena

    Rowena Wolf

    Thank you so much for having us for the lunch. It was great.Looking forward to doing this again.

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  • Eugene

    Eugene Southgate

    Celebrated my birthday with friends at Shogas on sat eve. I was a bit apprehensive since the lst experience at Ginja was not very good and they blamed it on a shortage of kitchen staff. But I was not…

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