Poplars Restaurant

Friday, January 11th, 2019

Reviewed by jana Mare

Good day. I am writing this email to you to inform you of our horrific experience at Poplars Restaurant on the 20th of December. When my family and I arrived at the venue we took our seating outside the front door. After about 20 minutes I went inside to find out if we can order anything because nobody came to our table. To my surprise, the person that told us we can sit outside did not know who I was and I had to explain to him that he just welcomed us at the front door. I think his name was Petrus, unfortunately, I cannot remember his surname. When he eventually came to our table he did not provide any drinks menu and told us to ask him if they had what we wanted and he would go and check if they have it. My fiancé asked for a straw for her drink and he brought her an old dirty one where the paper was already half open. After we ordered our drinks we ordered our food. All four of us had the sirloin steak with chips. When the food arrived the steak sizes differed immensely, two of the steaks looked like minute steaks. The steak was covered in soot and tasted like it which I can only think is from a dirty grill. My fiancé's and father's steak which was ordered medium was completed dry and cold. I would not have fed that to my dog. When that same waiter passed our table and asked how the food was my fiancé told him that her steak was cold. His reaction was to say "Are you for real" and walked away. I went to the small office before kitchen looking for a floor or kitchen manager to complain about our experience but that waiter told me that there is no manager available. How is it possible that no manager is available at a fine restaurant like Poplars? While I was complaining to the waiter, because no one else is available, your snotty kitchen staff with utterly bad behavior told me that there was nothing wrong with the steak and that the burnt stuff on the steak was soy sauce. All the time laughing as if this whole thing is a big joke. We have been to many restaurants but I can assure you that this place was absolutely the worst by far. I have never been treated like a fool as I was that evening at your restaurant and I was ashamed to have brought my family to a place like that. The food and the people serving the guests (from the waiter to the kitchen staff) were the worst that I have ever experienced. For a lack of a better word, it was shit, at best. An utter disgrace for the name that Poplars and D'Aria have. I am writing this email to you so that you will hopefully do something about what we experienced so that no other guest will have what we had at your place. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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