Primi Caffe (PE Airport)

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

Reviewed by Karen Thompson

My sister and I sat down to have a pizza and a pasta before our flight to Cape Town. My pizza arrived cold with hard and chewy cheese. My sisters pasta portion was way too small for what we paid for. Not only was the food terrible, but so was the service. When I asked for my pizza to be reheated, the waiter rolled his eyes and walked away as I was still speaking. I was shocked. The pizza then STILL came cold. The food was below average and we were rather upset. The staff seemed grumpy and I wouldn't eat there again. I am very disappointed. It seems that your staff cannot function properly under pressure and it seems like you need to either get more staff or staff that is equipped with manners and respect! We just asked for the bill and they didn't even look at us (TWICE!)- so so unbelievably shocking.
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