Rare Grill

Sunday, August 13th, 2017

Reviewed by Robin Mcleod

I would like to tell you a story. In a suburb, far far away there is a little restaurant called Rare Grill. They may be small but their reputation is renowned throughout the land. One day the Queen decided to host a birthday party for the Family. She entrusted her favourite courtier to seek out a new venue. Now the courtier, being a foodie, consulted his favourite Facebook page and finally suggested Rare Grill, due to the excellent reviews and awards. So off they went. Included in the party was the Queen Mum, who at 87 did not get out much. To their dismay when they arrived the PIC (person-in-charge) woefully informed them that she had given their table away to, “gasp”, a walk-in and suggested they sit at a makeshift table set up in the passageway, staring at the bar. Now the Queen was justifiably pissed and shouted: “Off with their heads!” Before this escalated into a scene, the quick-witted courtier promptly phoned the Family favourite, Á Tavola, who luckily had a free table and the Family ended up having a super time there as always. Back at the palace, the Queen was demanding action, “Somebody must pay!”, she exclaimed. The courtier was busy sweating bullets, dreading demotion to the palace kitchens to wash dishes for the rest of his life. He did, however, persuade the Queen to wait for 24-hours for a response. The next day the restaurant owner at Rare Grill did, in fact, call the palace and apologised profusely, offering a free dinner as compensation - even going so far as to offer his carriage to bring them there (an Uber voucher). The Family decided to take him up on his offer but politely declined the carriage. Time passed and the family returned to Rare Grill for their dinner invite. I am happy to say they had a lovely evening. The restaurant was warm and cosy, the steaks were delicious, especially the sirloin on the bone. The chocolate vodka shots should be locked up they're so good. The Queen Mum complained a bit about the acoustics, but she is 87 and a somewhat hard of hearing, so no one else was too bothered by this. The Family thanked the owner for his generous spirit and for looking after them so well - they were so pleased to be able to give them a second chance. The Queen left happy, with a belly full of food and all was well in the land. Thank you, Sir, what a Knight! The End The moral of the story, we all mistakes – so don't diss people before they have a chance to redeem themselves.
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