Roots Restaurant at Forum Homini

Sunday, February 17th, 2019

Reviewed by Leanne Govindsamy

I have been to Roots several times, mainly for special occasions and have such great memories of wonderful food, great service and relaxing ambience. However, my most recent visit to Roots, for my birthday was one of the most disappointing experiences I've ever had at any Restaurant. From the time we arrived, we encountered a rather disorganised staff complement and then the appetiser which was basically a boiled egg, was just terrible, in concept and taste. We were eventually seated about 15 min after our booking time. Our table was a 4 four seater with three chairs in a rather strange position in the restaurant, making us really uncomfortable. We immediately asked for a purse stool for our bags and despite there being several lying around outside and us asking about 3 times for a stool, it was never brought to us. There was no music in the restaurant and when we asked, some very odd music was played - not in keeping with ambience at all. On the food, despite requesting the menu in advance to check for any food preferences for my dad, the menu was not emailed and when we got there and indicated preferences, it seemed that this was an annoyance. The first course was without any flavour, followed by a number of unappetizing courses which took an extremely long time to arrive making the whole experience unpleasant and frankly, completely terrible. Despite raising concerns about the main, in particular and even sending it back (which we have not done before), very little was done to prepare the food better. And despite our many complaints, the chef did not once come to our table to check on what was going on. The dessert was completely uninspiring and just below the standards we expected. I am truly disappointed and quite sad to be writing this review as I never expected such bad quality of food and ambience at this restaurant. The waiter tried his best but there was no saving a badly planned and executed service. Moreover, the experience ruined my birthday completely.
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