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Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Reviewed by Lindsay September

You go to Royale for the burgers and they don’t disappoint, at least in terms of the number of options available.

Go with beef, chicken, fish, lamb, ostrich, vegetarian or vegan patties. The beef options range from the ordinary – comprising toppings of caramelised onions, gherkins and garlic aioli with various types of cheeses – to patties blended with ingredients like chorizo and chillies. The El Burro is one such burger, its 160g beef patty made with chorizo, chillies and coriander. It’s topped with mozzarella cheese, roast tomato salsa and guacamole. The patty, perfectly cooked to medium, is fantastic with their basting. It melts in your mouth and though all the accompanying flavours are enjoyable, they play second fiddle to such a moreish patty.
It’s sad, then, that the cooking of the burgers isn’t consistent. Another burger – the Miss Piggy, which comes with caramelised onions, bacon and guacamole – is too well done in the centre. The bacon is also overcooked. It’s saved by some truly yummy caramelised onions and guacamole. The burgers come with salad, chips or sweet potato chips. The chips are enjoyable but rather limp and could definitely use some more seasoning. (They come with little holders of tomato sauce, sweet chilli sauce and whipped cream. Use as you will.)
Vegetarians and vegans have plenty of burger options, with patties made of soya mince, lentils, roasted veg, beans, chickpeas, tofu and more. The upper floor’s menu also features pizzas.
There are two desserts on the menu: a Lindt chocolate brownie and malva pudding, both served with ice cream. If you have any affinity for chocolate, the brownie is the one to go for. It’ll satisfy your craving for the rest of the month.

There’s a little bit of everything, to suit whatever your heart desires. Have a smoothie, milkshake (normal or vegan), cocktail, craft beer, craft cider, coffee, tea or a glass of wine. Expect names like Paul Cluver, Saronsberg, Newton Johnson, Fairview and Nitida. A handful are available by the glass.

The staff are quirky but friendly. The kitchen and paying system in general is not set up for any modifications to the menu, so be prepared to receive a slightly befuddled explanation from your waiter if you’d like your vegan shake in one of the normal shake flavours, or anything of the like. Service is fairly slow but the restaurant is full at lunchtime, so it’s to be expected.

Despite being on a main road, Royale is fairly homely, especially if you sit in the more secluded back section where it’s quieter. Else sit in the front section, where there’s certainly a vibe, or at one of the few tables outside. There are quirky wall hangings, light fixtures and plants. You’ll feel like you’re over at your hipster friend’s cosy apartment. This is not the spot for your Instagram-goals post – the food is meant to be eaten, so get to doing so instead of trying to force a flattering shot.

Best for...
Sating a burger craving.


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