Sai Thai

Monday, January 12th, 2015

Reviewed by Gwynne Conlyn

This little Thai restaurant is a favourite among those in the know; its wondrous Thai cuisine makes it a real gem. If you can’t make it to Thailand, this is the place. Micky (Thitiporn) Lui is consultant chef to Thai Airways and she and her ever-smiling husband Dennis see to it that customers are satisfied.

There’s a large menu to choose from. Stars of the show from the kitchen are redolent of garlic, galangal, ginger, lime, lemongrass and, of course, chilli. (The chilli illustrations throughout the menu are not just for decoration.) If you’re not a fan, ask for ‘very mild’. Or do as the Romans (or the Thai) do, and leap into the adventure.

Make it an exciting experience by sharing a variety of dishes from the large menu. One mouthwatering option is the Heavenly Shrimp (yes, really), deep-fried and served with their incomparable sweet and sour sauce. Outside of Thailand, the tom yum soup here is the most authentic, with deep flavours. There are a good number of chicken dishes (the ginger chicken is one of the stars) and their house curries are unmissable.

You’ll soon become a regular, a follower of Thai cuisine, and even have your own special dishes on the menu

They don’t have a liquor licence, but no corkage fee is charged. Their seasonal juices are fresh and good. They also provide fizzy drinks, coffee and a selection of teas.

When the owners are in the kitchen, the service tends to be uninformed and a little shambling. But either Dennis or Micky will soon reappear, often recognising customers and chatting along the way. They’re a formidably charming team.

This is a truly unpretentious eating house. Photographs on the walls endorse Micky’s reputation: she has, for instance, appeared on many Thai cooking shows, via her Royal Thai Embassy connection.

And …
Even the heavy traffic and the lack of parking don’t deter fans.

(August 2014)

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