Thava Indian Restaurant

Friday, January 16th, 2015

Reviewed by Jodi-Ann Pearton

The menu is extensive, with a great variety of dishes from which to choose. The cuisine leans more in the direction of South Indian cuisine, but they cater for a vast majority, so whether you're an entry level diner or a curry connoisseur, there will be something on the menu for you.

Try vegetable patties, a combination of coriander, sesame, coconut, peanut and chilli stuffed inside potato and deep-fried; or for something interactive and fun, a traditional South Indian dosa to start. The curry menu is wonderful and many of them come in tapas portions, which is great if you’d like to sample a selection.

The iconic Thava lamb chop masala is a clear winner and is served in a large dish to share. The flavour profile of this dish with its subtle hints of garam masala, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves is excellent – it's by far the best dish we try. Other dishes to sample include the chicken korma, paneer makhani or vegetable biryani. Thava also has a great selection of authentic Indian flat breads and accompaniments to choose from as well as a tandoor oven (although the tandoori lamb boti kebab took a long time to prepare and was a little disappointing).

The large number of Indian patrons bears testimony to the standard of the cuisine.

There's a decidedly average wine list, though it's reasonably priced. You won’t find anything special here, but one of the upsides is that the list contains some food pairing notes, so that’s helpful if you are unsure about what to order with your curry.

Service started off brilliantly with the taking of the booking, and staff members are welcoming on reception. They’re also well informed about the vast menu and helpful with recommendations. There is work to be done here, though – once the restaurant begins to fill up, the wheels start to come off, with the manager disappearing from the floor and staff being hard to find after the main orders have been delivered.

The large dining area is handled well by the staff, who know to seat arriving patrons together in order to create a buzzing atmosphere. The diverse mix of patrons creates a unique and interesting energy. As for the décor, the interior could do with some TLC.

The waiters really know their stuff – stick to their recommendations and you’re assured of a great meal.

(August 2014)

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