The Farmer’s Daughter

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

Reviewed by Jessica van den Aardweg

My oh my. Never have I come across such a restaurant. The food and decor is so unique. Everything from sauces to ice-cream is made from scratch using fresh, local ingredients. The menu itself is an exciting read with quirky descriptions. The management, waiters and waitresses are friendly and want to make sure you are as happy as could be. The view is so beautiful too But when the food comes. That is when everything in the world could fall apart without me batting an eyelid. All items were made to perfection and I have never tasted such delight in my mouth. So flavorful, ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS BEYOND WORDS and generous portions leaving my stomach smiling in pure delight. Since having gone here I am no longer as satisfied with food at other restaurants. Not that other restaurants don't produce good food. But The Farmer's Daughter produces GREAT food. The coffee is also better than I had had anywhere else before. One can tell that the baristas are well trained and know what they are doing. My husband and I have now developed a habit of rearranging our entire day to go here when we get that "Farmers- Daughter-craving" look upon our faces that nothing else can quite satisfy.
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