The Green Vine Eatery

Wednesday, April 24th, 2019

Reviewed by Francis Gunther

Lovely view but being served 4 crumbed fish nuggets and 7 chips when we ordered the beer battered Hake for R168 is not cool. That's ok - just apologize that you'd made the wrong thing and do the right thing. But the manager (maybe owner) then tried to convince us that it was the right thing, they no longer do hake fillets, just "goujons"(nuggets) and no longer do beer batter, just crumbs. Yet this was news to the waiter. I then asked what would I get if I ordered the kids nuggets and chips for R68, and he said the same thing!!!! Didn't even blink. We had to refuse the food before he went off to check with the chef for a second time. Then came out and said the chef will now make us the beer battered Hake. I asked where he suddenly got the fish and batter from and he just laughed!!! The manager was looking us right in the eye and tried to sell us a kids meal for R168 full knowing they got it wrong. The fish eventually came, all fine. Later, the chef came out but didn't introduce himself, just came round and said there was a miscommunication between him and the staff. Didn't apologize. I had to ask the waiter who that was. The waiter was very embarrassed the whole time about how we were being treated, saying that it's high time someone spoke out against the management. They've blocked my review on Facebook to manipulate the review rating.
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