The Restaurant @ The Nek

Friday, November 9th, 2018

Reviewed by Crystal Jooste

Being an ordinary Cape Town girl who loves eating burgers and onion rings, The Restaurant BLEW me away! We were met by sophisticated waiters at the door who took us through to our table. The décor is something you would see in a magazine. The setting compliments its surrounding and gives a contemporary fine dining experience with a South African twist. Our chairs were pulled out for us to sit on, napkins placed on our laps (like how you would see in the movies). Our waiter Andrew introduced himself and made the entire experience memorable. We were presented with the menu of a 5 course meal for R625. Wine pairing is available at an extra cost. None of the food items on the menu is anything I have ever heard of nor would I ever eat it. I was extremely closed minded when our first entrée arrived at the table. Thinly sliced lightly seared sirloin. It was, to me, raw meat, which I don’t eat at all. To my surprise, it was FANTASTIC! I have never had anything in my life that tasted that good. It arrived with homemade buns and the most beautiful butter only a 5 star chef can prepare. Every dish we ate was made to perfection and every dish we ate complemented the plating, crockery, cutlery and scenery. The food had an OUT OF THIS WORLD taste. I felt like I was visiting The Queen of England. A very huge thank you to Chef Dylan and all the staff at The Restaurant. You have made my birthday one that I will most definitely not want to forget.
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