The Shop

Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

Reviewed by chris wilke

Kyle and Gabi have the formula so well figured out - these two know how to make a restaurant work better than so many others. As a tour guide I eat around 800 restaurant meals a year (Im not joking! Breakfast lunch and dinner daily in restaurants is the norm for me) and one of the spots I love going to in my free time is The Shop. the whole thing is so brilliantly done - its just phenomenal! When my touring guests have free time, I encourage them to eat there - I know theyll be looked after properly and most importantly as valued guests and not just another number! Their menu - these two arent scared to try new things - if guests request something a few times, they figure out how to do it, do it better than others and then once they have it figured out, it goes on to the menu! Thats what makes a good Restaurant in my humble opinion. Kudo's to Kyle and Gabi!
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