The Shortmarket Club

Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Reviewed by Soren Larsen

On saturday May 12 we had looked forward to end our 2 week trip to South Africa with a delicious dinner at Shortmarket Club. We know from previous visits that the food and service is not only delicious but with attention to detail, and impeccable. Indeed it is what you expect from a restaurant, which required reservation months in advance as well as confirmation by credit card. So much greater the disappointment when we realised the restaurant had accepted to host a large birthday party also in the main room. Noise level was in the end not at all what you would expect from the image Shortmarket Club wants to convey - or anywhere for that matter. And the service at our small table - only (!) 2 persons - got inattentive and stressed. The service and ambiance let the food down. I dont know if this is a typical saturday evening in Cape Town - large, noisy groups even in the restaurants trying to focus on the food. But it was the case for us that saturday in Shortmarket Club. In the end staff tried to compensate, but they were clearly not ready to ask the party to calm down. In our view they should never had accepted our reservation. Since we were only 2 persons conversation between us was in the end impossible. I will not go back - too many other good places to even bother. And to you: stay away saturdays unless you are also a group.
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