Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

Reviewed by Priya Singh

Having recently returned to South Africa, Urbanologi was high on my list of must try restaurants. It is a great spot, with wonderful potential, and I look forward to visiting again. As a creature of habit, I perused the menu before my visit, and was very keen to try the duck pancakes. Unfortunately our waitress informed us that the menu item was not available that day, and I was slightly perturbed. We don't eat beef or pork, but found sufficient menu items that satisfied our dietary restrictions. We ordered the venison tartare, smoked snoek toast, mushroom springrolls, chicken yakitori and brioche buns. Most of the menu items were scrumptious - I particularly enjoyed the brioche buns (bursting with a truffle butter filled center) and the chicken yakitori (soft and tender, served with an excellent chimichurri style sauce). Our least favorite item was the mushroom springroll - I felt the sauce and springroll combination just didn't work. We skipped dessert as we planned to grab ice-cream at the little market in the center. I was slightly apprehensive about driving to Urbanologi in Johannesburg central, but there is adequate, free secure parking provided. There are a number of small craft style stores in the little center that are worth a visit. With the promise of seasonal menu items, I'm keen to give Urbanologi another try, especially if duck pancakes are still on the menu.
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