Vintage India (Oranjezicht)

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

Reviewed by Murray Kingston

Absolutely Shocking!!!!! We went there on a Friday night for a friends birthday dinner. From the start the waiters and manager were extremely rude. Upon ordering my food I was called a "baby" and laughed at by the manager for ordering a mild curry. During the meal the manager presented the table with a dish that we were told was complimentary for the table which we obviously ate. When the bill came we saw that we had been charged for this dish?!? I confronted the manager about this and requested that it be taken off the bill at which point he refused and said that next time it will be complimentary?!? I find this absolutely shocking service as it wasnt about the R45 dish that was meant to be complimentary but rather the principle. The bill came to R1540 and I find it unbelievable that the manager chose to lose 8 customers over a measly R45. I will never go back and will never refer this restuarant to anyone!!!!!
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