Wijnhuis (Newlands)

Sunday, February 17th, 2019

Reviewed by Savanna Goldring

As we arrived we were told that there were no tables for us in the quartyard. We wandered in to have a look for ourselves as we could see a free bar table, only to find that there was a 4 seater lounge area available. I then ordered a Rose wine, which was possibly the worst glass of wine i have ever tasted. When we ordered our food the waiter was unable to answer a question we had about how the sweetpotato side was cooked and served. I then ordered the tuna salad (Nicoise Salad) which is said to have Tuna, Asparagus, boiled egg, Potato, green bean, mayo. What I received was some lettuce with two dollops of tuna mayo on top some chopped up beans and asparagus, one halved boiled egg and 4 tiny 1cm by 1cm pieces of potato. I picked them out and put the 4 measly pieces of potato on a side plate. I asked the waiter to call the manager, 10 minutes later I got up to go and call him myself, When i got to him he was on the phone and totally unapproachable and tried to pass me off to the waiter again. I then asked him to please come to my table after his phone call. When he came and heard my experience with the salad, he offered to bring me a potato on the side of my salad. I asked him to please bring me a different salad which was obliged.
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