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  • Location 012 807 3099
  • Phone Number 1 Meerlust Avenue, corner of Lynnwood Road and Meerlust Avenue, Die Wilgers, Pretoria, Gauteng
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    Breakfast: 7am-5pm Mon - Sat. 8am-4:30 Public Holidays.

    Lunch: 7am-5pm Mon - Sat. 8am-4:30 Public Holidays.

R55 - R85 avg main meal
Authentic culture, Comfy & casual
Bakery fare, Café fare, Coffee
Mastercard, Visa

Critic's review

Alida Ryder

Afro-boer has perfected the balance between classic Afrikaans culture and eclectic modern trends and offer a range of innovative, creative and delicious meals in a beautiful setting. The owner’s love for Africa is evident in the menu. For breakfast, a dish of eggs, pap and boerewors conjures up images of farm-style eating, but when you are presented with your meal, you’ll be surprised to see that the pap comes in the form of fried wedges, and is served with a rich red cherry tomato and onion chutney. The toasted Brie braaibroodjie will excite any braai lover and comes stuffed with caramelised onion and oozy Brie cheese. “Ouma’s Fishcakes” and “Lewer in Suursous” finish off the Afrikana vibe perfectly. For something lighter, try the pear, beetroot and feta salad: sliced pear, fresh beetroot and feta top a salad of mixed leaves. This is finished off with a sprinkling of toasted hazelnuts and a dressing of roasted pear. And if it’s something sweet you are after, the butternut fritters are served with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon sugar and koeksister syrup. Their “Tots and Tantrums” menu is adorable and offers childhood favourites like toasted sandwiches, spaghetti and homemade ice cream with sprinkles.

The wine list is small but well planned. A mix of commercial and boutique wines is available, with a couple of options per style. They also offer a good range of artisanal beers.

The open-plan space, big windows and vintage-modern furniture all lend the feeling of a farmhouse. Shelves packed with preserves and rusks remind one of Granny’s kitchen. The counter groaning under the weight of freshly baked cakes and pastries adds to the feeling of generosity and familial comfort.

The staff are friendly and knowledgeable but service can be a little slow on quiet days.

If you can, grab a table outside under the huge trees and allow your kids to explore the beautiful garden.

(August 2015)

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  • Hennie Fisher

    The people
    Michelle Cronje-Cibulka, owner and chef at afro-boer, says her high school home economics teacher was convinced she had cheated when, out of the whole class, only her recipe worked while all the others’ failed. Michelle says she’s just always had a natural talent for cooking and baking (and now training other people to do so) – and it’s evident in every morsel that leaves her kitchen.

    Michelle has undergone extensive training in artisanal bread baking from some of South Africa’s top bakers, and is so in love with our cultural diversity that she decided on the name of her business as a tribute both to the African-ness of our local context (afro) and the legacy of the Voortrekkers, whose nomadic restlessness resulted in them travelling up north from the cape (boer).

    The food
    For breakfast, try the baked oats with roasted hazelnuts, honey and berries, or eggs Benedict done the authentic way. For homey comfort, nothing beats dark, dense wedges of whole-wheat bread and jam with farm butter, but as South Africa’s cultural roots also stretch back to Europe, croissants (plain, almond or chocolate) and quiches are also available. Comforting meals include cauliflower soup with chilli butter and ciabatta, an array of pies, and a sublime green bean and fresh asparagus salad with caramelised pear and goat’s cheese. There are about 10 sandwich options, including a version of smoked mackerel melt on sourdough with parmesan, herbs and cream. You’ll also find a nice selection of baked goods and sweet items like biscotti and rusks to take home, apart from the usual cakes.

    The drinks
    A retro Coke float with a difference is offered as a dessert, comprising ice cream, chocolate ganache and sugared nuts topped with cola. The afro-boer moerkoffie, strong and sweet, also hints at a classic local beverage, while the caramel latte is a delightful addition. Cold drinks are all made from home-prepared cordials, such as the green tea and apple cooler or the vintage lemonade. Fresh smoothies include an apricot, honey, yoghurt and vanilla version and the fresh-pressed juice offering boasts options such as beetroot, pear and carrot or spinach, asparagus, apple and celery.

    The service
    All 22 of the permanent staff were employed via non-traditional ways; for example, one kitchen staff member was picked from her banana stall on Lynnwood Road before the café had even opened. Michelle interviewed each staff member personally and these success stories illustrate she’s ploughing back into the community. The skill and finesse of front-of-house staff give the impression that they’ve been in the industry for ages. From Godwill the barista (who has subsequently trained two additional baristas) and the friendly faces behind the large counter to the staff in the light, airy kitchen, everyone exudes an air of confidence and belonging to the afro-boer ‘family’.

    The ambience
    Do not expect an interior too closely associated with the name: no leopard print, khaki or ox wagons are to be found. The décor is a result of careful thought and planning. While the large veranda and white sash windows lend a South African farmhouse feel to things, the interior is slick and modern, with a pale beige and cream colour scheme that does not distract from the star of the show: the food.

    Homely elements like a twig wreath above the fireplace (brought back from a road trip to the Free State) each contribute a story. The wooden blocks spelling ‘thula’, the boerpampoen in the corner and the crocheted plastic shopping bag baskets all provide a gentle reminder of SA’s diverse richness. Even the toilet facilities have quirky South African references. It’s about exploring our society’s variety and highlighting alternative views of what it means to be African and South African. This philosophy also extends to the garden, where fabulous rose bushes grow alongside coral, huilboer and thorn trees.

    An adjacent room, called Die Wit Olifant (still a separate shop) will in the near future be converted into a room for craft beer, beverages and wine with ethical and sustainable credentials. There are also plans underway to enlarge the already substantial gardens so that guests can pick up a basket from the counter and picnic outside on the lawn. In keeping with trends, the revised menu will offer customers some banting options in the foreseeable future, too.

    (May 2014)

User reviews

  • Fresh and different and worth a try - you will be hooked after 1 visit!
    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food
  • We had a very rough and hot morning leading up to a decision have brunch (closer to lunch) at Afroboer. From the minute we walked through the lush green garden, our moods lifted. Even the soft green grass looked inviting. From the first to the last face we saw, were lit up with smiles and friendliness. We must have been on a different planet. Then the interior that was rustic without being cluttered and old. It is fresh and calm. The menu also did not disappoint. Enough variety to satisfy all tastes, but simple enough to make the choices easy. The food took quite a while to be served, but it was worth the wait. Everyting was well made and truly delicious. The crown to the meal though was our gin and tonics. It was perfect and refreshing! Thank you for being a haven in everday madness!
    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food
  • AFRO BOER is nie enige restaurant/kuierplek nie, hier kry jy nie jou boaring ham,kaas en tamatie broodjie nie, nee, dis geregte bo verwagting, standaard disse wat Marco Pierre White sal laat bloos. Die ambiance van Afro Boer laat my dink ek sit onder 'n groot Wilgerboom op 'n plaas in die Vrystaat. Fantastiese plek om saam familie en vriende te wees.!!
    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food
  • I'm an Afro-Boer frequent'er and keen referrer. Why? 5 reasons. 1) Unique delicious food, served in creative, out-of-the-ordinary ways (my favourite: their french toast with nastergal jam and rainbow cake, of course...), 2) beautiful and inviting french, shabby chic decor which I just love, 3) their beautiful garden. My friend and I love to meet up and have our lunch or tea meetups outside on Afro-Boer's terrace, 4) excellent, friendly service by a competent staff, and lastly 5) Afro-Boer's quirkiness which you can detect in how they wrote their menu, on their Instagram and Facebook feed, making them special and different to other restaurants... :-)
    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food
  • Beautiful little spot away from the city's chaos. We recently had breakfast here. After a waiter forgetting about us, things were quickly corrected (with free chocolate brownies, and added attention from our waiter!). I had the brie braai broodjie, which was perfect for a late breakfast. The brownies were so good we bought more to take home. The coffee is also good. The location is ideal and I would recommend trying to make a booking to sit outside in the gardens...
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