Basic Bistro

Basic Bistro
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  • Location +27218833629
  • Phone Number 31 Church Street, Stellenbosch, Winelands, Western Cape
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    Breakfast: Monday to Sunday 7:00am - 10:00pm

    Lunch: Monday to Sunday 11:00am - 6:00pm

    Dinner: Monday to Sunday 6:00pm - 10:00pm

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Comfy & casual
Bistro fare, Modern, Seafood
Amex, Mastercard, Visa

Critic's review

Be sure to make a booking or arrive early: this is a very cosy, intimate restaurant where you can have a great meal with an affordable pricetag. Their burgers are the best – be sure to try the chilli burger if you like something spicy! Good for a vibey Friday or Saturday night. (EO mag 2014)
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  • Herman Lensing

    Be sure to make a booking or arrive early! This is a very cosy and intimate restaurant – nothing more than 15 tables. You can have a great meal for nothing more than R11 per person. Visit on a vibey Friday / Saturday night. Their burgers are the best; be sure to try the chilli burger if you like something spicy. (July 2013)

User reviews

  • Over time this cosy little place has become our favourite restaurant in the wider area. It is not only the excellent food from starters right through to desserts but also the coffee & drinks are arguably the best you can wish for because they know how to make it properly. The menu is extensive but we opted for Burgers, and without doubt agreed they were probably the best burgers we had ever eaten, they were moist, delicious and perfectly cooked The salad that came with the burger was fresh and delicious, and the fries exceptional It is a joy to sit there and watch the rest of the world go by. The restaurant is "basic" provincial in terms of character indeed - as the humble name indicates - but don't let it fool you because it has an attractive & pleasant ambiance and the delightful staff and service, better than what you find in many "multi star" establishments in the area. From regular locals to foreign visitors, we have only ever heard compliments. I join those who have voted this little place as highly recommended....and yes, maybe best to make booking before hand if you go there for supper, as it does get busy!
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    • Food
  • I decided on taking my girlfriend out for a nice relaxing and unpretentious dinner. Basic Bistro seemed to be the perfect choice as she even suggested paying for the dessert! The atmosphere was great - as it always is. The service on the evening was superb. The waitress was friendly and professional. She had a good sense of wine knowledge too. Food was absolutely amazing. At Basic Bistro, you as a guest, really get your money's worth. Thank you for a lovely evening. We'll be seeing you again soon!
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  • I honestly wanted to write a good review about Basic as most of our friends are extremely loyal Basic customers and to them it's like a second home. Unfortunately after Friday evening's experience I can't agree. Both our meals were extremely disappointing. I admit, I did order a special - which is always a bit of a gamble. This particular special is a Burger and Beer for R68-00. Yes, a bargain of course, but when you order a burger, you don't expect the beef patty to be so small your meal basically (no pun intended) consisted of a roll. Because that was pretty the burger. The only other extra was a bit of onion marmalade. No trace of anything green, no salad, no leaf in sight. There were however, a large amount of crisps with balsamic vinegar drizzled over. I do realise that there's a trend to serve burgers mostly semi-raw and I've learnt to live with it. In this case, a severe stomach ache for 24 hours after wasn't what I was expecting. It could be just coincidence, but from now on I'm steering clear of all burgers prepared in restaurants. My better half ordered the Dukkah chicken pasta which tasted nice and creamy. We were expecting more of a dukkah flavour, but instead there was just a sprinkling of dukkah on top. For R72-00 one expects a bit more. Basic has a lovely setting with a great atmosphere. If only the food would live up to it. Sorry guys, for now I'll just walk past a try one of Church street's other restaurants.
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  • My wife and I went to Basic Bistro to celebrate our 1 year anniversary of our wedding. We ordered our drinks and food. While we were drinking our drinks the waiter came and put a note on our table that the table is reserved for 18:30, it was 18:00 we haven't even received our food.

    The waiter did not explain the note. When I got up and confronted the waiter about the note they said that we have to move inside if we want to stay after 18:30 at Basic Bistro. She asked me if anybody informed me of the reserved table I said No. I then told her that it is my right as consumer to stay at the table as long as I want to as I was not informed of the reservation.

    The waiter got very rude and said I am not allowed to confront her. Oh please. I'm the consumer.

    You really spoiled a very special day for me!

    Please replace your waiters and get a better reservation system!

    You have lost all your goodwill.
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  • This cozy restaurant will impress you. They serve hearty meals, made from quality ingredients. Their blackboard specials will ensure variety.
    See my full review here:
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  • Alfresco
  • Licensed
  • Smoking
  • Vegetarian

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