Continental Deli

Continental Deli
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R50 avg main meal
Coffee, Quick meals
Bakery fare, Deli fare
Mastercard, Visa

Owners description

Enjoy some bakery fare delicacies at the Continental Coffee Shop and Bakery.

User reviews

  • I went in today to buy lunch from continental as I heard the food was good. When I arrived there they had briyani that looked very appetizing and smelled really good. We ordered our briyani to take away, when I came back to work to eat it there was 1 peice of chicken fillet, a small peiece of potato and only bones. The chicken had a couchy smell and taste that I was totally put off! I did not even eat the briyani after tasting it. So disappointing! The manager or owner was so rude to his staff infront of us telling them that he could replace them at any day because they did not charge us for a packet! I will never support Continental again with their horrible food and pathetic manager/owner!
    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food
  • I've read a few reviews on Continental so far, it's sad to note that a store with so much of potential is being run in this manner, my mom and I walked in earlier and it was as if we were shadows in the store, staff was really unhelpful and the cherry on top there was a strand of hair in the burfee that I purchased and the cashier expected me to pick another one as if that would make things better Definitely not going there again
    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food
  • Sad to say their attitudes towards customers and service delivery clearly has not changed. I visited the store on the 9th of April 2016 and waited forever to be served. I had to go to the cashier to request assistance at the deli and bakery. Staff behind the counters just stood and looked at the customer without serving. The manager (if they even existed) was no where to be seen. When I was eventually served staff did not even know the items being sold. Apart from the concept and food. Service is pathetic!!
    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food
  • I ordered a bar one cake with a picture of a karate suit on it. the cake arrived with a picture of a karate suit key chain. It was the ugliest cake I ever saw. I called the bakery and made arrangements for a relative to collect. Continental gave them the cake but not the 10 doz buns. Just before the party we realized that the buns was not there. They claimed it was our fault and we must collect with no apology. This is the most pathetic place I have ever dealt with. I wish I could post a picture of the cake, it would sum up my comments nicely.
    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food
  • The new setting is beautiful and the product ranges are exceptional.
    I did however feel transparent to the manager on duty, not even a greeting.
    The staff were inexperienced and had little idea about the food on sale.
    Probably the cheapest coffee beans used.
    15 minutes for a single cup of coffee.
    Other restaurants have sauce, garlic, chilli and parmesan to accompany the meal.
    Schawarmas were dry.
    Items were not included in the bill and I had to recheck the bill.
    Waiters or the manager dont check if everything's going well so far.

    Very very very sad first impressions.
    Such A shame for such a wonderful concept
    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food
  • The service I experienced on the 20/09/2011 was absolutely pathetic. I ordered a veg pizza as I was fasting and was served a chicken pizza. When I took back the pizza, the attitude I received was most disgusting! They simply refunded my money with not so much as an apology. Totally a pathetic place!

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