Fire and Ice Restaurant

Fire and Ice Restaurant
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R115 avg main meal
Hip & happening
Bakery fare, Buffet, Modern, Steak
Amex, Mastercard, Visa

Owners description

The innovative Fire & Ice Restaurant and Bar has developed into one of Cape Town’s most popular wining and dining hot spots. We pride ourselves on a unique food concept that complements an ultra social event and never forgotten experience for our Guests. Our Chef is constantly experimenting with the menu however old favourites like our American-style gourmet milkshakes and hamburger menu will never change.Exclusively different furniture and fittings including elegant high-back chairs, glittering chandeliers, surrounding koi pond and a completely open-plan kitchen where one could watch our smoking hot chefs at work allows for the ultimate dining occasion. It simply is an escape to a world of luxury and imagination.

User reviews

  • Famous for their long list of memorable milkshakes, this Cape Town hot spot also boasts with a list of African dishes for those who miss home on a Sunday afternoon. I tried the Umsila Wenkomo (oxtail simmered for hours in a butterbean and marrow sauce) and it gave me a warm feeling in my tummy... In a good way! The lamb shank ("shankadelic baby") is also a good choice. If you're looking for something casual to have with your milkshake you can build your own burger or a have a pick at their treat selection. All and all good food but not so great service.
    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food
  • Popped in at this place after a show. Arrived at about 22h10 / 22h15. Were acknowledged by the waiter on one occasion but never came take orders until about 22h45. Eventually we get a chance to place our order for milkshakes and some light meals. He goes away to place our order and comes back to say that the kitchen closed at 22h30 ( remember we were there from before this time already). After putting up a bit of a fight, they agree to prepare our meals. The milkshakes arrive. We had ordered 2 half mikshakes and 4 full milkshakes. They all arrive in half. We enquire about this only to be told that they did not have glasses for the full and would give us the difference in a take away cup. No one had asked for a take away. Besides, why not come and inform us that they could not offer what we had ordered. Again, after a bit of moaning, the concede and bring the other half in a glass. The food eventually arrive, except that they decided to only prepare the one meal and opted not to do the other. At this stage we ask to see the manager on duty. She agrees to see us. More than half hour later we decide to leave since we could no longer wait for the manageress to make an appearance. I would not recommend this place to anyone who expects decent service.
    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food
  • What a hole Got excited after reading gourmet burger and milkshake pairing. What an insult. Waited 15 minutes for the most sour milkshakes, my 5 year old said it's disgusting. Waited 40 minutes for 6 sliders and we were the only ones at the time of ordering. Unimaginative stale mess. Could see the burgers were standing for a while before serving. The boerie 1 didn't even have onions or mustard as described on the menu. It was dirt dry and tasted of blood. The lamb was dirt dry as well and the crumbed chicken was edible. Not once did staff check up on us.
    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food
  • We were a group of 10 people who went to the Fire and Ice on Friday 07 December 2012 for dinner to celebrate a birthday. It was probably the worst service we have ever experienced.

    After having taken our drinks order, it took the incompetent staff 20 minutes to tell us that a specific red wine was not available. It took them an equally long time to tell us that even our second choice was not available. On asking this individual which wines were available, she had no idea. The beers arrived approximately 30 minutes after having been ordered. While there was water available at the table, we had to wait a long time with several reminders to our waitron to bring glasses - a very basic item that should have been on the table before we were seated.

    Several complaints were made with the manager, but the service was so slow, it was about to be overtaken by continental drift. Whilst the food was fine, and for which we paid good money, the pathetic sad service put a damper on the evening and considered an insult given the fact that nothing was done to accommodate our discomfort.

    Do not expect any recommendations!

    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food
  • I had taken my wife and family out for supper 28th November 2012. The supper was to celebrate her birthday. Of all the places I spent reviewing the previous day I settled on Fire and Ice Cape Town. And to our horror it was by far the worst decision I have ever done when it came to choosing a place to take my family for dinner. We had sat down and admired the decor and ordered their milkshakes and placed our food order. We sat for a hour when the waiter came and said that the order was not placed and they are hastily preparing the order. We decided that waiting for an hour for 3 burgers and a steak was not worth it. The thing that got us was that they waited an hour to report our order was not placed. The waitron informed us that she did place it but the kitchen staff's system was all messed up. We left and as we were out of the door they offered us a comment card and offered the meals on the house. We left there at 9pm and my family was still not fed. To say that we would never go back there again or even recommend the place to anybody is an understatement. And I know in the bigger scheme of things our business and customer satisfaction would not mean much to the profits but the 28th November 2012 will not be a fond dining memory.

    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food


  • Accepts credit cards
  • Booking required
  • Child friendly
  • Cocktails
  • Functions
  • Hotel
  • Licensed
  • Parking
  • Vegetarian
  • Wheelchair
  • WiFi

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