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R100 avg main meal
Comfy & casual, Contemporary cool
Contemporary fare
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Amy Ebedes


Unbuckle the top button of your pants: the portions are hearty and flavoursome. We order the cheeseburger with fries, and the 250g rump with salads.

H recommends the burger be cooked medium. We gladly oblige. You’ll want to roll your sleeves up for this guy.  It is simple, yet succulent and delicious. The beef patty is served on freshly-made ciabatta with cheddar, pickles and tomato. The chips, in particular, are perfection. They’re golden, they’re crunchy, and they’re on the right side of salty.

The steak is cooked medium rare (again, H’s recommendation) and is expertly cooked. It is served with our selection of salads. There doesn’t appear to be a limit to the amount of salad you can have (“until the plate is full”, the server advises), so we try almost all of them. There’s tempura parsnip, roast veg, quinoa, roast potato, zucchini and feta. They would make a great option for a quick work lunch, especially as all food is available for takeaways. A small salad is R60, whereas the large is R90.

Other lunch options include 16-hour roast brisket sandwich (R99), fish and chips (R80), steak roll and castle lite (R99); as well as chicken or oyster ‘shroom burger (R75 and R70 respectively).

For dessert, there’s a koeksuster waffle with matcha crême fraîche and fresh berries. Sadly this doesn’t quite live up to our excitement – we’re very particular about our koeksusters, and this one is chewy rather than crisp and sugar soaked – but we’re a little (read: a lot) full from mains and need to spend the rest of the day at our desks (rather than assuming a food-coma position), so we’re not too upset.


House of H has a fully stocked bar with all the usual suspects. Coffee is made from Deluxe Coffeworks beans. If you’re not looking to sit down, grab an expertly-made Americano to go from the coffee shop at the entrance.


Simply put, there is none. This is a self-service style restaurant. Patrons are issued with the POS card at the entrance, and a sign explains the procedure that will follow. Patrons are instructed to “order from H”. Initially this is a little confusing, as it’s not immediately apparent who (or where) “H” is. The only person on the floor is a runner who quickly explains that his only job is to clear away dishes, which he does rather swiftly.

We soon figure out that we need to go to the “meat” counter – which is where we meet H. The idea is that he talks you through the options, you inspect the cuts of meat available and, after placing your order on the POS system by swiping your card, you’ll be directed to the salad counter to continue with your selection. In H’s absence, you ring up the order yourself. The bar follows a similar style: order your drink from the barman, he swipes your card to add the drinks to your account, and you grab your glass on the way back to your table.

This self-service style is a great concept – in theory. Once you’ve figured the system out, it’s relatively swift and easy, but a little more signage (a simple “Order here” would suffice) or guidance on the floor would go along way. The main menu is outside the restaurant (not inside where you’re seated) so be sure to take note of what you want on the way in.

It’s quiet when we visit, and it’s likely to get quite chaotic once they’re in full swing (which, with the quality of the food, is bound to happen).

A huge bonus? Because each guest gets his/her own card, there’s no confusion when it comes to paying the bill at the end. Simply swipe your card on the way out, and settle the amount on your account.


It’s grungy, alternative and interesting. The space used to be an old parking lot, and they’ve left elements of it raw. The old parking lines are still visible, and an old VW mini bus serves as the bar. The walls are lined with growing herbs and vegetables (including oyster mushrooms) and much of the interior has been made from recycled furniture and clothes.

If you’re in need of a quick shave or haircut, there’s an on-site barber and, soon, you’ll be able to get a tattoo when you’re done with lunch.


A gaming lounge, driving range and tattoo parlour is opening on the 8th floor, just in time for summer.

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User reviews

  • What a great place! Love the layout and open kitchen. It's so comfortable walking in, having a chat with the chef and being served exceptionally tasty food. Great place for steak!
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  • Great idea, not so great execution Well done to H for solving all our big-group-dinner problems! House of H works with a clever card system. You get a card as you enter the restaurant, all your food and drinks are billed to this card and you pay your bill upon exit. The upside: no need to stress over split bills or waiter tips. The downside: it's all self service. There are no waiters so guests have to order and collect their own drinks and food. It gets crazy during busy times! The burgers are a must. Juicy and tasty. Probably one of the best in town. And the fries are made to perfection. There's also other meat and vegetarian options and a salad bar. This is a cool spot for group lunches or dinners but not if you want to catch-up with an old friend - the music is good but really loud. The burger makes it worth the trip!
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  • NEVER go this place if you want to have an actual conversation with the people you are eating with. A DJ plays loud music that is more appropriate for a club than conversation and digestion. I guess you are just supposed to choose your food, drink a lot of alcohol while yelling to your neighbour, and belt the food down when it's ready. It was a real pity as I went with someone I really wanted to get to know, and we were trying to discuss quite politically sensitive issues, but we couldn't even hear each other. Moreover the food and drinks are not cheap. Not a great experience, not recommended.
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