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R25 - R72 avg main meal
Classic elegance, Family friendly
Mastercard, Visa

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  • Visited Indian Connection on Friday, 4 October 2013
    Extremely poor, easily the worst service we've ever experienced. From the time we entered, to find the hostess sitting on a table joking with the waiter, to walking past the manager shouting at staff in the corridors. I would love to say that was the worst of it but that was just the tip of the iceberg...
    Once seated, we waited for 10-15 minutes for our drinks then we had to get up and find our own straws as the waiter had just left drinks and walked away (at this point we were the only table seated). The salt and pepper shakers (if you are lucky enough to get them on your table) we rusted and the cutlery on the tables left a lot to be desired!
    Don't bother going to the restrooms as you won't find any soap or anything to dry your hands... you do get a good view of the kitchen on your way there though.
    But the whole point of writing this review is to hopefully save even one person from going through what happened next... As we sat patiently waiting for our food (by now there were 3 or 4 other tables seated), out of the kitchen comes running a juicy cockroach! I called a waiter to make them aware of this... but this resulted in argument between the waiter and manager! After killing the cockroach I called the manager who then just ignored me, so I went to the manager's office to inform that we would be leaving and to cancel our orders. The last thing I expected was the manager to start an argument with me and demand we pay for our drinks as we had drank half of them! Never in my life have I come across such pathetic service and management in a restaurant.
    Eventually after refusing to pay, we left and I can guarantee we will never return.
    Anyone looking to go out for a night with good Indian food should do what we did next and take a drive down the road to Vintage where the food and service had been excellent!
    We didn't get this far but if the kitchen is anything to go by, don't waste your time.
    Feels like sitting in a take-away place. Fine dining shouldn't be used to describe this restaurant.
    PS. After speaking to friends and family about this incident the general reply was, "Why did you go there? I've only heard bad things!"
    I've spent the best part of the morning trying to get the Department of Health to go around and do an inspection... Let's hope they go through sooner rather than later!

    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food
  • After a good review, I took 4 overseas guests.

    Very average food, plastic table-cloths, paper napkins, cramped table, hints from the owner about staying too long, barely adequate service with complete lack of deference.

    Could easily have been made more pleasant. I will not go back and will tell my friends to do the same.

    When will restaurateurs learn?

    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food
  • Last month we invited some friends over to this restaurant, as we've frequented it a couple of times and found the food very good. Unfortunately this time round it was not the case. The service was atrocious, we repeatedly had to ask for our drinks and waited an astonishing 1 hour 40 minutes for our food without any apologies from any of the staff! The food was also not quite what we'd ordered, as 2 of us ordered the same meal, but 1 mild and 1 medium, however both were a rather hot medium...but we were so hungry after waiting so long, we ate it. We only received half our Naan Bread and when we aksed where's the other half; we had to wait another 20 minutes before receiving it, after having to ask twice for it. We sat with the window open as it was quite warm inside; a couple of guys (maybe patrons or staff - don't know) where smoking right outside the window on the steps. When I asked the hostess/waitress to please ask them if they could rather smoke further down, as it was blowing right in, she merely shut our window and walked off. Seems like some restaurants are negligent in upholding the "smoking laws" and don't seem to realise that serious fines can be imposed. The staff and hostess all looked so glum and miserable and weren't very friendly. There is no way that we will be going back there ever again or refer it to anyone we know. Service like this is how you chase customers away. From a restaurant that was on the top of our list, you've now been deleted! What a shame!

    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food
  • Indian Connection proved a useful find in Durban's Morningside area. Situated in a house is a good area, the menu provides all the Durban Indian cuisine one enjoys, with friendly service in a relaxed environment at good prices.

    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food
  • Delicious food at really affordable prices! Great vegetarian options too.

    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food


  • Booking required
  • Child friendly
  • Functions
  • Licensed
  • Parking
  • Smoking
  • Takeaways
  • Vegetarian
  • WiFi

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