La Terrasse Rooftop Café & Deli

La Terrasse Rooftop Café & Deli
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Khanya Mzongwana

The menu is a huge hit of bright colour, robust spice and soft perfume from breakfast right through to heftier lunch dishes. Right from the start, the Kefta Tagine makes for a scrumptious introduction into an authentically Moroccan breakfast menu. This tasty breakfast is La Terrasse’s answer to regular shakshuka (an egg poached in chermoula laced tomato relish) with the addition of their delicious spicy Moroccan spiced beef meatballs and a grilled pita.

If you’re looking for something lighter, the Sunrise Croissant is simply a fresh croissant stuffed with saffron-infused fluffy scrambled eggs . Yum. Their bakery does an amazing job recreating traditional Moroccan teatime dainties, the chocolate sesame cones and briouats are moreish with a cup of floral or herbal tea.

Snack plates include delicious carrot and garlic dip with roasted cumin seeds; keftas roasted in chermoula, babaghanoush and a range of other savoury, spicy preparations like the mini lamb kebabs. you’ll probably end up in a serious fight over, or their traditional crisp falafel.

The vegetarians have some great options on this menu, with the Arabic salad being a light but sturdy choice for lunch with falafel balls, halloumi, green olives, chickpeas, hummus and garden greens. Ask your waiter to swop out the meatballs for falafel balls in the famous Moroccan “handburger” which is a flatbread filled with crunchy cumin crisps and fresh greens. The beetroot and pomegranate soup (served hot or cold) is delicious, sweet and earthy served either way and is beautifully presented with a dollop of thick yoghurt and chopped, raw walnuts.

A popular choice among the meat lovers is the oxtail tangia, cooked slowly in a clay tagine overnight and served with jeweled couscous, second only to the famous lamb tagine with dates and honey; picture the slowest lamb stew ever cooked, now picture it with toasted cumin, garlic, soft, sweet Medjool dates and raw honey. Incredible. Stay for dessert; the team at La Terrasse bake all their cakes and biscuits freshly and on site.

The coconut syrup cake is sticky decadence on a plate served with a dollop of plain yoghurt to offset all that sweetness. Meals here taste so much better shared.

La Terrasse could never be accused of doing anything ordinary, and it shows in their flamboyant selection of juices, homemade floral cordials and herbal teas. The Moroccan infused cordials come in nine exotic flavours, with ginger and chilli being a good one to look out for in the colder months. The Moroccan Magic Juice is a super invigorating blend of pomegranate, apple and pear juice diluted with sparkling water. The coffee is the restaurant’s own personal blend of beans and is fantastic in the indulgent cardamom milk coffee, essentially a cardamom infused latte. Who wouldn’t want that? La Terrasse has a wine list which is presented on request.

Personalised, friendly service with great attention to detail.

La Terrasse is a bright venue with loads of natural light pouring in and an abundance of fresh flowers, fruit and patterned fabrics and tiles surround guests. It luxuriously look on at its own gorgeous courtyard with tranquil sounds of gentle fountains afloat with flower petals and colourful cushions languishing about. There’s no doubt that this place is a tonic in itself.
The rooftop is an ideal venue for all sorts of exciting occasions; La Terrasse forms part of Moroccan House, an interior décor and accessory boutique with all sorts of lovely things straight from Morocco. The venue is also a guesthouse with beautifully decorated luxury rooms. Parking is freely available.

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A North African Feast.



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  • Isiguzoro Oyeoziri


    Inspired by their travels in Morocco, the owners have recreated the trappings, look and aroma of a restaurant on the streets of Marrakech. As for the food, you’ll certainly get your money’s worth of exotic flavours.

    Start with Moroccan beef meatballs in a tangy tomato sauce, served on a bed of jewelled butternut and coriander couscous, or a glorious traditional Moroccan soup, with a tomato base, lentils, chickpeas and an exotic range of spices and herbs.

    Next, indulge in a tagine (choose between lamb, tomato-lamb, chicken, beef or butternut). The lamb tagine, with dates and honey, is a journey to exotic sensory destinations. The meat is served well-done, firm but not tough or chewy, just like well-cooked meat should be. It comes served on a bed of couscous ringed with lemon slices, which lend a zesty tang to the whole ensemble. The sweet honey combines excellently with the meaty lamb, and counterbalances the slightly sour couscous.

    The magnificent Chicken Bastilla is a Moroccan fusion chicken pie with layers of phyllo pastry, orange blossom water and roasted almonds, with a rich chicken-and-egg filling, topped with mushroom relish.

    There are several vegetarian dishes, to ensure that no matter the company, there is something for everyone.

    End the meal on the Sheklat Malika Chocolate Queen, a chocolate tart with nuts, dried cranberries, spices and chilli, served with rose-flavoured whipped cream. Else try the Moroccan biscuits, which are Ghoriba – round, shortbread cookies usually made with flour, sugar, butter, and almonds. La Terrasse offers versions made with hazelnuts, cinnamon, walnuts, or coconut. Also on offer: chocolate sesame cones and rosewater brownies.


    The drinks list is conventional, with the addition of a selection of fragrant teas.


    Service is great here. Expect friendly, smiling waiters in simple Moroccan garb, who are quite knowledgeable about the menu choices and can be of help in selecting a dish. The owners treat diners like esteemed house guests, with good doses of warm hospitality right from the door.


    Distinctly Moroccan. You could be forgiven for thinking that you are on a pleasant set for a production of Arabian Nights or A Thousand and One Nights.

    (September 2017)

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  • Amazing atmosphere and service. The food hits you with great rays of color, aroma and taste. The perfect place for a date or group meals with a wide ethnic menu. Would definitely go there again!
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  • This is a hidden gem (in Pretoria of all places !) A WORLD BEYOND YOUR DREAMS
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