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Linda Scarborough

This brand-new broth bar has been opened by the people responsible for Honest Chocolate and the Secret Gin Bar on Wale Street. The quirky door covering printed with a wishbone will help you find this small hole in the wall on Loop Street, which is a calm oasis filled with rich aromas emanating from the bubbling pots of nourishing liquid on offer.

Choose your broth – clear, white, green or brown – and then decide if you’d like it in a cup (R30) or with toppings in a bowl (R65).

The brown broth sounds the heaviest, made as it is with bone broth, red wine, gochujang and harissa, but it’s surprisingly light and delicate and a very attractive colour in its tall pouring glass. If you order a bowl, you will get neat slices of perfectly cooked venison (still tender ruby red in the centre), lentils, ribbons of courgette and cubes of apricot. Add your broth as you wish and tuck in with a pair of chopsticks and little porcelain spoon.

The green option is based on dashi with the addition of parsley and kombu, so it delivers a fresh and savoury flavour, with the additions of steamed angelfish, broccoli, leeks and some orange to lift it all.

If you’re vegan, the white broth is bound to satisfy, and might even be the most delicious of the three I tried. Made with coconut milk, vegetable broth, lemongrass and miso, it comes with roasted aubergine for a sweet earthiness, tofu, turnip strips and some bright basil oil.

Next time I’ll go back to try the fourth and final option of clear bone broth, made with soy, miso and sesame oil, with the option to have it in a bowl with roasted chicken, chorizo, spring onion and julienne carrot.

Marrow’s bowls are wholesome and healthy and should satisfy, but if you have a particularly large appetite you can bulk up your portion by ordering sticky rice balls, soft-boiled eggs or chorizo.

A generous touch is the cube of kombucha Turkish delight served on your tray to enjoy after the meal. It melts in the mouth, and puts the rubbery store-bought versions you may have tasted to shame.

It’s great to have some tasty and unusual options instead the usual fizzy-sugary soft drinks. You can order a plum shrub (made with a base of apple-cider vinegar), which is tangy and aromatic, lemon-honey tonic water, or aceso fire tonic, all of which you are invited to top up with a swing-top bottle of sparkling water.

Guests order and pay at the counter before finding a spot to sit to await their broth. Staff are efficient and friendly. The process feels simple and effortless.

Marrow is small and sparsely designed, with gorgeous jade-coloured wall tiles and light wooden counters along the two side walls. 10 little stools will accommodate those who wish to sit down.

The presentation of the dishes and drinks is simply beautiful, with glossy crockery and refined glassware.

(August 2017)

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  • Such a fabulous and healthy lunch spot in town. 5 different broths served either plain in a cup, or in a bowl with additional ingredients. Clear and brown are definite favourites. The homemade shrubs and cordials are refreshingly delicious. Extremely well priced and really healthy. A regular favourite.
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  • Marrow is the ideal city lunch spot and even thought we walked into a full Friday lunch hour, we got seats in less than 5 minutes. Fresh, flavoursome & wholesome - this is the type of lunch that won't push you into an afternoon nap! The brown broth comes with crispy almonds, venison and turkish apricots and I added extra rice balls and a refreshing plum shrub with sparkling water. Do yourself a favour and stop by for a quick work lunch. Small details in the presentation sets this apart from other drop & go lunch spots.
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