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At Moro Gelato we make gelato the same way we do in Italy and, as in the Italian tradition, we offer our product for sale from our pozzetti out of our beautiful carts at a market near you, or at our shop.

Gelato is a freshly made, cold food made from fresh and pure local ingredients on a daily basis. We use fresh milk and cream and our sorbets are made in our kitchen from juicy seasonal fruit. Our creamy gelato is for milk lovers and our sorbets are perfect for those who want to skip dairy products.


Stores and Markets

Owner: Heine van Wyk and Stefano Moro

Opening times: Monday 11am - 6pm; Tuesday to Sunday 11am - 6pm

At markets and events their carts are limited to six flavours, but in the shop they sometimes have up to 12 flavours available.

Here are their signature flavours, including fresh sorbets made of seasonal fruit:

The Creamy and Nutty taste of real Pistacchios... mmmmh!

Vanilla from Tahiti combined with Macadamia Nuts and Caramalised Almonds. Wow!

Pure Mascarpone with Hazelnut and Chocolate Cream.

Just Hazelnut. Full Stop.

Ricotta e Fichi
Creamy and light Ricotta with Fig!

This Sorbet made from fresh Strawberries is a must...

...but sometimes Lemon Sorbet tastes even better

A Rich Deep Dark Chocolate.

This coffee gelato is rich, smooth and very creamy... ah...

Cioccolato Bianco con riso soffiato
It's an amazing White Chocolate flavour with chewy puffed rice inside!

The Mangoes almost jump out at you. A Tropical All Natural Bomb.

Herzoggie Cookie
The mainly Coconut base with Apricot Jam, Superlight Meringue and bits of biscuit tastes like a little cloud in Heaven...hmmm

Little sweet and slightly sour Raspberries make this a tart and refreshing seasonal delight!

Fresh Cream and Milk (Fior di Latte) Gelato with Cherry Sauce. Served just like in the little Piazzetta of Portofino.

Also known as a Naartjie, the Mandarino makes a refreshing Sorbet to enjoy from the beginning of Autumn.

Champagne Sorbet
Do you think Bubbles are overrated but love the taste of Champagne? Then this flavour is for you!

Salty Caramel Popcorn
It's Salty, ... It's Caramel ... It's Popcorn!!!

Pure 100% Pomegrante Juice transformed into a refreshing Sorbet.

Greek Yogurt
Full cream fresh Jersey Cow Yogurt is the main ingredient in this gelato.

Black Forest
Our delicious Dark Chocolate with added cherries and Chocolate Cake.

Paw Paw
This Sorbet is so good because Paw Paws are so delicious when they are sweet and ripe.

Coconut Stracciatella
Coconuts and Cocoa... This white creamy Coconut gelato with Chocolate specks takes you away to far-off places.

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