Nonna at Makaranga

Nonna at Makaranga
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R110 avg main meal
Groups, Kids, Special occasions
Bakery fare, Italian
Amex, Mastercard, Visa

Owners description

The Victorian Warehouse, Nonna, spills out onto a pergola-covered deck which offers a great view. Guests have the option of dining inside or out on the covered all-weather deck while enjoying fresh Mediterranean cuisine and soaking up the views. This contemporary Italian bistro and deli is fondly named after Makaranga matriarch, Danna Flack. Chick and Danna Flack bought the 30-acre property in 2002 and named it Makaranga after the towering wild poplar trees, which line the stream and also after the Makaranga tribe from Inyanga, Zimbabwe, where Danna spent her childhood. Since then Danna has delighted in all things Italian complete with taking on the Italian nomenclature Nonna since becoming a granny. The bistro, it seems, in a most natural manner, almost named itself. The open-plan kitchen which faces onto the restaurant produces contemporary fare. Ashleigh Van Niekerk, Chef de Cuisine at Nonna, takes you on a taste and visual explosion with the menu. The walk-in wine cellar houses hand-selected local and international offerings. Nonna welcomes children who will no doubt enjoy their own special eating area, rolling their own pizza dough and partaking in our range of arts and crafts, all strategically placed within sight but not necessarily sound of you. A stretch of pergola-covered astro turf creates a safe and fun space for your children. There is also an outside structured play ground with a natural timbered gym, which is in close proximity to the restaurant and the deli so that carers can take a well-deserved respite from their responsibilities while their children play on the rock garden and play gym with full visibility from the restaurant.

User reviews

  • For our public holiday we decided we would go out to Makaranga for a late lunch and stroll in their beautiful gardens. The restaurant was quite full on arrival but the staff were realitivly attentive, there was a lengthy wait for our meals but the mannager had informed us that there would be a delay due to the large tables placing their orders before we did. As a starter we got a platter which although was tasty was not considered value for money. The main meals were not much better, the fish dish reaked of salty fish and we were told that it was quickly defrosted in water instead of the more hygienic way of in a refrigerator. The pizza was nothing to write home about for the base was doughy and it lacked in flavor. The pasta dish was too lacking in flavor although was saved by the complimentary toppings that were on the table. The quesadillas were soggy and cold on arrival. Over all the food experience was poor. The only highlight of the afternoon was the stroll through the garden.
    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food
  • I've been staying at Makaranga Hotel and trying a variety of dishes off the menu. Extremely disappointed is all that can be commented. Day 1, tried the Coq au vin (chicken was little dry, sauce was good, mash was slightly burnt), Day 2, tried the Beef fillet (easily worst fillet I've ever had, was oozing bloody water, clearly not rested properly with a weird aftertaste), Day 3, lamb burger (extremely good, easily one of the best burgers I've had in the past three years), Day 4, Spatchcock chicken (had a portion of the meal, realized when you squeezed chicken with the fork that it oozed a white watery liquid, sent it back, kitchen congregated around it and scratched their heads, restaurant manager came to me and told me the supplier fed their chickens excessive hormone laced chicken feed). It is quite obvious that this restaurant is an extremely nice venue in terms of ambience and views. However, if you are in search of a good meal, Nonna's can only be recommended if you're wanting to try their burgers or pizzas, the remainder of the menu items are clearly well beyond the capabilities of their kitchens.

    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food
  • We have eaten there 4 times already, taken friends. Superb - well done to staff and management

    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food
  • Wonderful venue, excellent food and service!
    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food
  • We thought we would pay Makaranga a visit on a Sunday afternoon to have a bite to eat and walk through the gardens. We sat on the terrace for a cup of tea and something light to eat. Not many people in the restaurant. Service was non-existent although there were at least 2 waiters in the restaurant. After a lengthly wait, and getting up to ask for menus, service was still invisible. So we got up and left, never to return, and to tell any one we know to give the place a wide berth. I have never known Protea Hotels to shine in the customer service department. A pity because the gardens are beautiful.
    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food


Set menu - NONNA Menu - updated February 2018


  • Accommodation
  • Alfresco
  • Booking required
  • Child friendly
  • Functions
  • Licensed
  • Parking
  • Smoking
  • Vegetarian
  • Wheelchair

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