Taste of Mongolia

Taste of Mongolia
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  • Phone Number 0216850240
  • Location Shop Four, Ashley Cooper House, Main Road, Newlands, Cape Town
  • Opening Hours

    Monday to Saturday 11am to 9pm

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R90 avg main meal
Coffee, Groups, Kids, Special occasions
Asian, Contemporary fare, Modern
Mastercard, Visa

Critic's review

Graham Howe


This mom ‘n pop dumpling kitchen offers an A-Z of authentic, homemade dim sum in a tiny joint that took me straight back to Hong Kong. Opened in September 2016, in the little space next to Kobe sushi, it is run by the delightful Jianli Liu who left a career in accountancy to take up cooking.

Steamed, boiled or fried; stuffed with really tasty lamb, chicken, beef, prawn or vegetables, dumplings are the main, comforting dish available here. A popular snack throughout China, the ubiquitous yum cha lunchtime treats go by many names from won tons in Hong Kong to momo in Tibet and guo tei in Mongolia. Perhaps their Cantonese meaning is the most apt though; dim sum’s literal translation is ‘little hearts’.

Start with salted edamame beans and fried, salted Mongolian-style peanut snacks. Don’t miss the exotic seaweed or healthy mu-er (wood ear fungus) salad, thinly shaved, served in a piquant chilli and soya dressing. The hot and sour noodle soup is also delicious and very filling.

Then move on to mix and match a selection of dim sum served with fried rice. Try large pork baozi (steamed bun), the fried guo tei (elongated dumplings), cha shao (steamed BBQ pork) and the fluffy purse dumplings. Subtle spices enhance the dumplings and salad with hints of sesame seed oil, pickled ginger, cumin and exotic Asian mushroom. Steamed in bamboo containers, the dumplings are healthy, light and ethereal, a delicious mouthful, served with a fragrant soya-based dip.


Try the jasmine tea or a wide variety of sodas. There’s no liquor license, so bring your own at no cost or pick up a bottle at the local Woolworths on nearby Dean Street.


Informal and intimate with two to three cheek-by-jowl tables, including the main communal table for six.


Friendly, quick service from the chef proprietor who offers helpful advice on the different styles of dumpling.

And … 

A chalkboard offers daily special combos and takeaways of twenty dumplings at a bargain of between R68 and R88.

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(October 2016)

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User reviews

  • My best dim sum experience in Cape Town. Yes, the ambiance is quiet and whacky, yes, the place is overly lit and bright, yes its basically a hole in the wall takeaway joint and yes, communication can be a slight challenge. But forget all that. None of it detracts from the warmth of the service and the superb quality of all the food (okay, maybe not the edamame, but everything else). We ordered most menu options available and it was all delicious. The lamb skewers are a particular highlight, as is the mushroom salad. Cannot wait to go there again. Book the big table, go with 5 of your closest mates and go in with the correct mindset (no, this is not fine dining), take some booze (they have no liquor license, and no corkage fee), order everything on the menu and still pay next to nothing for a great dinner. Highly recommended.
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  • I was quite excited to eat here, I love dim sum and especially steamed buns. I sat at the large shared table, and was served quickly. The table was grubby. There were no vegetarian steamed buns on the menu so I asked for the vegetarian steamed dumplings. I also ordered edamame to start. The edamame was over cooked, and not very fresh. The owner/waitress/cook admonished me for not eating the skins, and I heard her complaining to someone in the back about 'skins this and skins that'. The dumplings arrived quickly, without any dipping source. there were some bottles on the table but nobody could tell me clearly what was in them, other than the middle bottle was 'hot'. I took a bite, tasted weird, swallowed and wondered if it was soya? I then looked at it, and thought it could be port. (I don't eat piggies - pigs are friends not food). I waved the owner/waitress/cook over and said to her, are you sure this is vegetarian and she looked closely, and said no, no, that is pork. She was so sorry, and went off to remedy it. My adventure was however ruined, and I didn't feel like doing anything other than going to brush my teeth and drink some water. I stood up to tell her not to worry, and saw that the dim sum actually comes frozen, out a big chest freezer. I then paid for the whole meal - no discount, and left. I won't go back.
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