Vintage India (Gardens)

Vintage India (Gardens)
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  • Location 27214625106
  • Phone Number Corner of Hiddingh and Mill Street, Cape Town
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  • Opening Hours

    Lunch: Monday - Sunday 11am - 3.30pm

    Dinner: Monday - Sunday 6pm - 10.30pm

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Authentic culture, Comfy & casual
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User reviews

  • A year ago I visited India for the sole purpose of experiencing REAL curry. It was amazing. Once I returned to home, I made it my mission to find the next best thing. I discovered this gem a few months ago, and I must say, everything from the kitsch and colourful decor, to the owner and his family who run the place, it's definitely the most authentic all-round Indian experience in Cape Town. The menu is slightly obscure in it's language, but if you ask the owner (who's always keen for a friendly chat) for suggestions, he'll point you in the right direction. My favourite starter that he's suggested was something called The Lovable Sandwich - deep fried panneer cut into wedges. And for mains, well there are many good ones, but I usually stick to a good old Chicken Makhani with crispy naan bread. It's delish!
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  • Absolutely Shocking!!!!! We went there on a Friday night for a friends birthday dinner. From the start the waiters and manager were extremely rude. Upon ordering my food I was called a "baby" and laughed at by the manager for ordering a mild curry. During the meal the manager presented the table with a dish that we were told was complimentary for the table which we obviously ate. When the bill came we saw that we had been charged for this dish?!? I confronted the manager about this and requested that it be taken off the bill at which point he refused and said that next time it will be complimentary?!? I find this absolutely shocking service as it wasnt about the R45 dish that was meant to be complimentary but rather the principle. The bill came to R1540 and I find it unbelievable that the manager chose to lose 8 customers over a measly R45. I will never go back and will never refer this restuarant to anyone!!!!!
    • Ambience
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  • Extremely bad service from all the waiters. Asked for no onions, curry comes with onions. Waiters' English is not very good, not very friendly and very rude. Will never come back here again. It's a pity because the decor is very nice.
    • Ambience
    • Service
    • Food
  • It was a Sunday afternoon (Sept 8, 2013), we walked into Vintage India, the interior setting was well presented, the service not too bad - friendly waitron, all was well until we received our food - very dissatisfying.
    We ordered milkshakes, chicken Tikka, Palak Paneer and Naan breads.
    The milkshakes were small, ridiculously over priced and made with cheap ice-cream, the Chicken Tikka was not well presented, the lettuce had specks of dirt and clear signs of rot. The Palak Paneer was okay though the cheese was rubbery.
    I was afraid to return the meal, considering that you shouldn't upset those who handle your food...
    My partner and I had also realized that Indian people who were visiting outside of Cape Town had received better service and a better standard of food presentation and soon the service had dropped too.
    I do not plan on visiting again, I would not recommend this place to anyone.
    A bad 1/5 from me.

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  • I love vintage india! It is not the best when it comes to ambience but the food is delicious - best tikka masala I have ever had.

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