9 of the biggest burgers in SA

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When it comes to burgers, some might argue that the bigger the better. We’re pleased to note that some joints and diners around the country are flipping some pretty gargantuan patties topped with all sorts of OTT accompaniments. For your next hunger-busting meal, head to one of these spots for a real big-burger challenge.

Capital Craft Beer Academy (Menlo Park, Pretoria)

This buzzing hangout serves a nice selection of gourmet burgers, but it’s the Big Daddy Stuffed Burger that catches our eye. This hefty meal comes with a special 250g patty and is served with bacon, jalapeños, white and yellow cheddar, and sundried tomatoes worked into the ground meat, before it’s basted in barbecue sauce and served with a cheese-and-beer-jalapeño sauce. You’ll also get chips and battered onion rings on the side for extra measure.

The Dog’s Bollocks (Gardens, Cape Town)

This hidden burger joint only does one size burger: enormous. The pure beef burgers are the size of a head and come with equally large burger buns. Order yours in the form of an old-school Mega Slider with caramelised onions and cheddar cheese, or the Mexican Chilli Cheese that’s dripping in chilli con carne and cheese sauce. On top of all of that, order some extra bacon, an egg and even fried banana toppings.

Hands for scale: the burgers at The Dog's Bollocks. Photo by Katharine Jacobs.

Hands for scale: the burgers at The Dog’s Bollocks. Photo by Katharine Jacobs.

Dukes Burgers (Greenside, Johannesburg)

Dukes has a reputation for offering monster burgers. The Thelma and Louise burger comprises a generous beef patty that sits between two buns, plus tomato relish, fig reduction, blue cheese, fresh pears and cucumber ribbons. Alternatively, go for the hunger-busting New Yorker with a triple stack of patties (600g in total) topped with barbecue sauce, melted cheddar, fresh tomato, onions, gherkins and homemade mayo.

A burger at Dukes. Photo supplied.

A burger at Dukes. Photo supplied.

Franky’s Diner (Sea Point, Cape Town)

This American-style 1950s diner serves burgers and double-thick shakes to its hungry patrons. Tuck into some of the hefty retro burgers at any hour of the day (perfect for those late-night munchies) with favourites like the Sloppy Joe Burger with barbecue sauce or the infamous Chubby Burger, which consists of six beef patties, bacon, cheese, jalapeños, fries, onion rings and coleslaw. This’ll set you back R257, but if you gobble the whole thing down in 10 minutes or less, you’ll get it for free as well as your name added to the wall of fame.

The Franky's Chubby Challenge. Photo supplied.

The Franky’s Chubby Challenge. Photo supplied.

Gibson’s Gourmet Burger & Ribs (V&A Waterfront, Cape Town)

The burger selection here is extensive: There’s a build-your-own section, a gourmet section, and even a Rolls Royce menu of options. The Royal Burger has double patties and two kinds of cheese, while the Sunday Blues Brunch Burger is served with four toppings, including cheddar cheese, fried egg, bacon and barbecue sauce. There’s also the Governor’s De-luxe Burger. This hefty beauty is served with lashings of smoky barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese, bacon, guacamole and sweet mustard.

A burger from Gibson's. Photo supplied.

A burger from Gibson’s. Photo supplied.

Pop-up Society (Glenwood, Durban)

This eatery has become known in Durban for its gourmet burgers. All burgers are served with fries, and mushroom sauce, mature cheddar or avo can be added for an additional R12. Try the gut-busting Mighty Micky: double-stacked beef or ostrich patties, topped off with mushroom sauce, biltong shavings, back bacon, an egg and fried onion. Go big and finish off with one of the freakshakes.

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Republik (Durban North, Durban)

This gourmet burger spot in Durban North offers up some pretty crazy combos when it comes to its buns. You might spot one topped with nachos, creamy mac ’n cheese, or even stout-soaked jalapeños. If that’s not hefty enough for you, go for the Cheesy Burger. This comes with two 180g grass-fed beef patties sandwiched between two buns with double the usual amount of cheese, bacon, and a blue-cheese-and-whisky sauce. It’s served with a side of fries, so you might need to take a few intervals during this one.


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Rocomamas (Countrywide)

Burger lovers are spoilt for choice at this vibey spot, which is known for its meaty Smashburgers. Get creative and build your own or order the double-patty Chilli Cheez Bomb that’s topped off with bacon, a cheese-bomb popper, aged cheddar, mozzarella, fresh chilli and chilli mayo.

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Woodies (V&A Waterfront, Cape Town)

Situated at the V&A Food market, Woodies offers juicy, fresh Halaal burgers to hungry shoppers. These babies are not small and come in your choice of single, double, triple, or colossus (four) hand-pressed patties. Choose from one of the originals like the Saffa Burger with peppadews, chutney and cheese; the Avo with avocado, mozzarella, cheddar and all the trimmings; or the Tropicana with chargrilled pineapple.

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